Local and Regional Foods, Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari

Sunday, 16 December 2007 13:34 administrator
In this province the following can be said to be a part of the local dishes : Aash-e-Jow torsheh, Bakhtiyari Aabgoosht , Yogourt Eshkeneh, Nishi Tanoori, Gorgoreh Holar, Sooq Dooq, Borani, Omaj, Aab Torshi, Kami Sheer, cheleek, Haleem, Rice, Polow Ajor, Kaleh Joosh, Amorbi, Dambeh Roodeh, Geshneezaab, Oak Naan and a variety of other curries. Amongst the Tol Tribe, dishes such as Reevas or Shubarb, Rangar or a type of artichoke, Museer or Shallot, Apple eider, Aash Lashk, or a soup made of dried whey, Aash-e-Sheer, Pol Dooq, Bakhtiyari Kabab with both meat and chicken including a variety of bread.