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Tribal Area , Fars

Tuesday, 25 December 2007 06:46 administrator
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The Fars province is a home to many tribes that comprise of about 10 thousand families in total. These tribes are the Qashqaie, Khamseh, Boyer-Ahmadi and Mamasani. The life styles of these tribes have always attracted tourists to Iran. The summer residing quarters (cooler regions) where Qashqaie tribes move to frequently in summer is in the extreme northern sections of the Kamfirooz region, extending from Tavileh Band and Garmeh to Brujen.

Local Music and Dances, Fars

Tuesday, 25 December 2007 06:45 administrator
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Music and dances of the Fars province whether it is rural/tribal or traditional music are composed of pleasant sounds and happy songs. The “Stick dance” and “Helli” are some of tribal dances in the province.

Local and Regional Foods, Fars

Tuesday, 25 December 2007 06:45 administrator
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In different cities, villages and tribal areas of the province, special kinds of food are prepared. These are known as various Aash (vegetable Shorba) such as Shalqam,Anar, Meat Aash, Yogurt, Kashk, Yasorak, Reshteh, Macaroni, Spinach, Qooreh, Kardeh, Dooq and Kaleh Pacheh Aashes; different Abgoosht(meat Shorbas) such as cabbage, Macaroni, Adasi and simple Abgoosht. Other dishes consists of Polow Babooneh, Havij Polow, Koofteh Helew, Dampokht, Meigoo Polow, Kalam Polow Shirazi, various Khoreshts or curries, Boranies and so many varieties which would be quite interesting and fun for new comers to taste

Handicrafts and Souvenirs, Fars

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Kilims (Kilims), coarse carpet, rug, carpet and hand made woven products with colorful designs well representing the tribal aspects of the Fars province. The most famous handicrafts of the Shiraz is Khatam (inlaid work). Other handicrafts are felt carpet, local shoes, leather and wooden products, local pastries, and other handicrafts.

Shohada Museum, Shiraz

Tuesday, 25 December 2007 06:43 administrator
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The museum building consists of two iran. In ground floor, there is a permenant exhibition museum which consists of paintings and calligraphy of contemporary artists and poets and Shohadas. In the first floor there is a temporary exhibition museum which consists of paintings and calligraphy of art students.

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