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Other Altitudes and Gorges, Ilam

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:04 administrator
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Other heights and mountains of the province are: Allah Khoda, Bayeh, Talvar, Jamalgir, Chopoq Babakhan, Chakbureh, Sefid, Somkhar, Kotehpifak, Maladshadeh, Geno, Sameleh, Ahooran, Bankool, Sorkh Khani, Sarkab, Shohreh Rool, Shalam, Malikheh and… in Ilam. Bonhar, Darvand, Ravandi, Sargach, Marzoo, Haft Kolak and… in Dareh Shahr. Belijan, Choqal Zard, Siyah Kooh, Zalooab, Chanjer, Sorkh, Sekoorand, Siyah, Kalak, Siyah Ardalan, Yekshabeh and … in Mehran. Barikehab, Barak Kroy, Botehanesh, Poshteh Golab, Alikesht, Khargahi, Dalperi, Kalavandi, Kolonarmeh, Gutebeh, Mamaleh and… in Dehloran.

Vaveileh Gorge, Dehloran

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:03 administrator
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There are several remains of historical monuments including Shiaq (Shiakh) Castle and ruins of the city of Samaria. Its antiquity is estimated to the pre-historic period.

Qolarang Mountain, Ilam

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:02 administrator
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 Located 11 kilometers north of Ilam, this mountain is 2,473 meters high. the Abaftab and Abzanguan Rivers originate from it. It joins the Manasht Kooh in the west and the Chamangir Kooh in the southeast and is a part of the Kabir Mountain Range.

Qalajeh Mountain, Ilam

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:01 administrator
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It is located 41 kilometers northwest of Ilam with a summit of 2,050 meters high. the Abchika and Abaseman Rivers originate from its outskirts in the north and south. Some parts of this mountain is covered with oak forest

Mansht Mountain, Ilam

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:01 administrator
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It is located 6 kilometers northeast of Ilam with an altitude of 2,629 meters. the Moort and Asazengan Rivers originate from this mountain. Its southern foothills are covered with oak forests.

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