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Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, Isfahan

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Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, IsfahanThis square is from the period of Shah Abbas I, and has a length of 500 m. from north to south, and its width being approximately 165 m. Surrounding this vicinity are the Abbasi Mosque and Sheikh Lotf Ol-lah Mosque, the Qaisarieh portal and the Ali Qapoo Edifice. During the reign of Shah Abbas I and his successors, this square was an area where festivities, polo, dramatics and military parades took place.
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Chehel Sotoun (Sotoon) Palace, Esfahan

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Chehel Sotoun (Sotoon) Palace, Esfahan
The Chehel Sotoun (Sotoon) Palace and its garden cover an area of approximately 67,000 sq. m. This palace was constructed during the reign of Shah Abbas I. Shah Abbas II was also responsible for additions to this palace, such as the hall of mirrors, the hall of 18 pillars and two large chambers facing the north and south. The spectacular hall of mirrors with its decorative mirror work, tile work and paintings, along with its majestic porches and pool which faces this hall, all add to its splendor.

The name, "Forty Columns," was inspired by the twenty slender wooden columns supporting the entrance pavilion, which, when reflected in the waters of the fountain, are said to appear to be forty.

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Sialk Hills, Kashan

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 Approximately 4,500 years BC., a community with an interesting civilization was settled in this area and their tools were of stone and bone. There is a possibility that the former residents of this region had succumbed to their successors. Here, Elamite slabs of clay have been found, and due to the links of this community with that of the civilization of Shoosh (Susa), about 5,500 years ago, they learned to write.

Arisman Ancient City, Natanz

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This historical site of 'Arisman' with 6000 years of antiquity is located in the Arisman Village in the township of Natanz. The same comprises of three archeological vicinities and lie in the skirts of the Karkas Mountains and to the north of it. This area resembles a workshop or foundry with colossal furnaces for the smelting of metals and the making of moulds. Earthenware evidences reveal that these are relics of the 4th and 1st millennium BC.

Other Castles, Esfahan

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 These are named as, the Rostam Bafaran, Neyestanak Castles in Naein. The Farfan Castle in Esfahan, Torshak Castle in the Marq Village of Esfahan, Deeyu and Jalali Castles in Kashan, Sangi Castle in the township of Semirom, and the Bozi Castle in Lanjan.

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