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Ali Qapoo Edifice, Esfahan

Monday, 24 December 2007 05:03 administrator
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This palace was also called 'Daulat Khaneh-e-Mobarakeh Nagsh-e-Jahan' and the 'Daulat Khaneh Palace'. Its unique archaic architecture is related to the Safavid era. This edifice was constructed under the orders of Shah Abbas I. The monarch would receive special envoys in this palace and hold his audience here. Valuable miniature paintings, the works of the reputed artist of the times Reza Abbassi, and other traditional works of art can be noted here.

Chahar Baq (Soltani) School, Esfahan

Sunday, 23 December 2007 09:23 administrator
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This school was constructed for theological studies, late in the reign of Shah Soltan Hossain Safavid in the years 1116-1126 AH. The artistic work on its dome is of tiles and the majestic entrance door is a matchless work of art, adorned with gold and silver.

Aqa Bozorg School, Kashan

Sunday, 23 December 2007 09:22 administrator
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This ancient structure has four porches and a beautiful dome with two tile worked minarets. Its courtyard and chambers that are on a lower level display an attractive aspect. Below these chambers are is the pool and nocturnal area made use of in summer. The dome is built on an octagonal platform and is doubly covered. The lower covering bears the weight of the ceiling, conducting it to the pillars, and the other is the outer covering which aids in making the dome look larger. Skylights have been affixed to the dome, along with religious versus around the dome have provided a harmonious connection between the different sections of the structure.

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