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Other Old Mosques, Kermanshah

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The Imamzadeh Kangavar Mosque in the Gachkan vicinity, Haj Shahbaz Khan Mosque in Kermanshah, Mo'tamed Mosque in Kermanshah (Qajar era), Rijab Mosque in Islam Abad Qarb, a structure related to the early Islamic or the Sassanide period. The Shahzadeh Mosque in Kermanshah related to the Qajar period and the Feiz Abad Mosque in Kermanshah related to the Zandieh and Qajar periods.

Paveh Jame' Mosque, Paveh

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The said structure is related to the 13th century AH. and lacks a courtyard. This mosque has a rectangular-shaped nocturnal area and its wooden leveled covering rests on 15 wooden columns. Its adythum was in the southern side of the mosque. the building material of the mosque is of slate, clay and mortar. Besides the Jame' Mosque, there is another mosque that is used in winters. It has a very old wooden door with an inscription in the Cuneiform script.

Moavenol Molk Mourning Place, Kermanshah

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The mourning place and Hossainieh of Moavenol Molk comprises of 3 buildings such as the Abbasieh, Hossaineh and Zeinabieh, located in the city center of Kermanshah. The Tekieh has 2 courtyards and a building in the center. The Hossainieh walls are covered and adorned with beautiful multi colored tiles.

Kermanshah Jame' Mosque, Kermanshah

Wednesday, 02 January 2008 06:54 administrator
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This mosque is placed in Kermanshah city and is a relic from the late Zandieh period which in 1196 AH. was constructed appearently at the site of the former mosque by Alikhan Zanganeh, the governor of Kermanshah. What has remained from the mosque old building, is part of the pillared nocturnal area and the octagonal vestibule. The present nocturnal area, with the exception of the altar, has no special adornments. In the southwest corner of the building, are stairs which have been built for gaining access to the top floor that was perhaps used to be a part of a school.

Kangavar Jame' Mosque, Kangavar

Wednesday, 02 January 2008 06:52 administrator
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The main building of this mosque was destroyed completely in the earthquake of 1957. A new mosque has been built on its site. Alike the former, the new building is also rectangular in shape, but increased in length. In the present structure, the nocturnal area has been added to the northern side with a porch alongside. A marble slab in the anteroom reveals an endowment deed related to the Kangavar school dating back to 1243 AH.

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