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Khorshid (Sun) Palace, Toos, Mashad

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The Khorshid Palace is from the time of Nader Shah Afshar and had most probably been constructed so as to house the royal family. The façade of this palace is cylindrical, built of black marble. At present this palace stands 20 m. in height and contains 12 rooms decorated with paintings and ornamental works such as plaster moldings. In the center of this palace there is a tower enhanced with fire architectural design. This palace was built in the second half of the 12th century AH.

Toos Ancient City, Toos, Mashad

Wednesday, 02 January 2008 08:23 administrator
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In Sassanian Dynasty, Toos was one of the cities in the route of Gorgan and Nayshabur to Marv, Nessa and finally towards west. After the Nahavand war, a way was paved for passage of Arab soldiers to the east. In the year 29 - 30 AH, Khorassan was conquered by Abdollah bin Aamer and thus the area of Toos came under the jurisdiction of the western Islamic territories. 

Kalat-e-Nadery Complex, Kalat, Mashad

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The walls of Kalat are 35 km. in length and 10 km. in width and located 180 km. north of Mashad . The remains of this area belong to the Nader Shah period. There are observation towers (constructed in the years 1155-1160 AH) around this city. Existing inscriptions are evident including one written in the Turkish language and Nasta'liq script.

Other Fire Temples, Khorassan Razavi

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The Nayshabur Fire Temple is also counted as the fire-temple of the Khorassan province.

Gonabad Fire Temple, Gonabad

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These fire-temples located in Geysoor as well as other parts of the township of Gonabad and date back to the Achaemenian period. Near this fire-temple are ancient forts such a Dokhtar-e-Shoorab and Gabr-e-Peeran Veiseh and Pashan which belong to the eras of pre and post Islam.

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