Religious Places

Imamzadeh Zeid-ebne Moosa

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 This is also well known as “Zeidulnar’ is located in Afreez village of Birjand . The main structure is an eight paneled tower made of brick. One of the inscriptions here is extremely interesting in the Kufi script. The internal walls of this structure is very simply decorated, though the facade is worked in intricate and delicately laid brick work.

Religious and Pilgrimage Sites

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 There are several old mosques and pilgrimage places dating back to Safavid and Qajar time with interesting architecture, decoration and ornaments. Thses sites are Chahar Derakht Jame’ Mosque (Birjand), Ashura Mosque (Birjand), Hendavan Mosque (Birjand), Khosf Jam’ Mosque (Khosf), Qaen Jame’ Mosque (Qaen), Navab Mourning Place (Birjand), Birjand Mossalla (Friday Praying Place), Arasteh Hosseinieh (Mourning place), Hajieh Amaneh Mourning Place (Birjand). Moreover, the important Imamzadehs of the Province are Mazar Soltan Ebrahim (Birjand), Zeid Ebn Moosa (BirjandHessam Khosfi Mausoleum (Khosf). 

Qaen Jame' Mosque, Qaen

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 This mosque was constructed in the year 796 AH and was repaired in the year 1086 AH by Safkosh during the period of Shah Soleiman Safavid. The structure is made of stone and brick and the mosque consists of a courtyard, four porticos and two places for nocturnal prayers (Shabestan). Besides which is the vaulted, arched ceiling worked in colored plaster, porches and written verses which date back to 1263 AH as shown in the inscriptions. 

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