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Soleiman Fort, Gachsaran

Friday, 04 January 2008 07:59 administrator
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 This castle is probably from the times of the Esmailians movement and is located in Soleiman village 15 km. southwest of the Gachsaran township

Mangasht Castle, Kohkiluyeh

Friday, 04 January 2008 07:59 administrator
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 This castle is one of the most important castles of Atabakan era of Lurestan. After segregation of Kohkiluyeh states from the Fars province and annexation of the former to Lurestan Atabakan Afrasiyab, (688-695) due to encountered pressures, was compelled to take shelter in this castle. But after the cancellation of this treaty by Arqoun Khan Mongol (680-690 AH.), he took hold of the Mangasht Castle. This castle is within 2 km. from the Bahmaei Valley, on the common borders of the Janaki and Bahmaie tribes.

Dokhtar Castles, Doshman Ziyari, Kohkiluyeh

Friday, 04 January 2008 07:58 administrator
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 The construction of these types of castles are related to the sun worshipping and angel fertility beliefs. The Dokhtar Castles were usually big and small fire-temples that have been presented to the angel of fertility and many of them are reputedly known by the same name in different regions of the province. Dokhtar Castle, Doshman Ziyari, Dokhtar Kaltak Torab and Imamzadeh Dokhtar (daughter) Castle, and the Dokhtar Good Sorkh Castle are the famous castles of this province.

Chas (Lime) Castle, Dehdasht

Friday, 04 January 2008 07:57 administrator
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 The remains of the Chas Castle is at a distance of 30 km. southwest of Dehdasht amongst the limestone mountains and are close to the Se Gonbadan Fire-Temple. This castle is well known as Dar Mahtabi. Due to its location, it seems to have been held in high esteem in ancient times,i.e., Zoroastrians.

Kheir Abad Fire Temple, Kohkiluyeh

Friday, 04 January 2008 07:56 administrator
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 This relic is located on the right side of the Dehdasht - Behbahan Road, and to the left of the Kheir Abad River and is related to the Sassanide era. This construction is known as the Kheir Abad Fire Temple. It is a square shaped structure and has been made of plaster and slabs of stone. It has four arches at its four sides have been built on four bases.

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