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Sistan Mountains, Zabol

Friday, 18 April 2008 22:30 administrator
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 Sistan Mountains, ZabolThese mountains are the folds formed due to the pressure in a north - south direction. To the west of which is the wilderness or Loot Desert and to the east the plains of Sistan. The Palang Kooh Mountains overlooking the plains of Sistan are a prominent feature in this region. The accumulation of basalt in the Khajeh Mountains on the fringes of the Hamoon Lake, and west of Zabol is the only important characteristic in the Sistan plain.
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Taftan Summit, Khash

Friday, 18 April 2008 22:30 administrator
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 Taftan Summit, KhashThe mountainous area and Taftan peak is located in the southeast of Iran, and within a distance of 50 km. southeast of Khash city. This mountain embraces the Taftan volcano and is the tallest mountain of Baluchestan, with several peaks. Its famous volcanic summit known as 'Chehel Tan' lies 380 km. north of the Oman Sea. 

Taftan is a Persian word which means "The Place of Heat".
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Other Altitudes and Summits, Sistan Va Baluchestan

Friday, 04 January 2008 14:00 administrator
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The other mountains of the province are, Malek Siyah Mountains along the Zahedan - Zabol Road, and on the borders of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Bamdasht Mountains, between Saravan and Chabahar, Ahooran Mountain Ranges that separate Chabahar and Iran Shahr from each other. Also the famous 'Sorkheh' Pass is located here. 

Bazman Mountain, Iran Shahr

Friday, 04 January 2008 13:59 administrator
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 These mountains are located to the northeast of Challeh-e-Jazmoorian, and its height is approximately 3,489 m. and extends towards the west, adjoining the Barez range in the province of Kerman. This mountain segregates the Challeh-e-Loot from Jazmoorian, and is covered with molten volcanic material. The city of Bazman is situated in the southeastern slopes of the mountains.

Baluchestan Mountains, Iran Shahr

Friday, 04 January 2008 13:58 administrator
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 The said mountains are located to the south of the Sistan Mountains and extend between the Challeh-e-Loot, Jazmoorian, and the desert area of Mashekl and the Oman Sea. 

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