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Toqrol Tower, Ray

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Toqrol Tower, RayThe tower is in the vicinity of Ray and probably it is the resting abode of Toqrol I of the Saljuqi Dynasty. This tower is in the form of panels and is 20 m. in height. In 1300 AH. it had gone under repair, but unfortunately most of its focal elements such as engravings and inscriptions have been destroyed.
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Other Old Houses, Tehran

Saturday, 05 January 2008 05:53 administrator
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 Other old houses in Tehran are as follows: Ehsani House (Amir Kabir Avenue), Pamenar (Bahaodolleh Alley.), Bazaar-e-Mesgarha House (Mostafa Khomeini Ave.), The Safavid House (Mostafa Khomeini Ave.), Mondella House (Ferdowsi Ave.), Qavam-ol-Saltaneh House (Si-ye-tir St.) which is at present turned into the Aabguineh Museum’, Abol Qasem Tafseeli House (Amir Kabir Ave., opposite Ekbatan), Hedayat House (Hedayat Ave.), Ostad Hossein Behzad House (Behzad Ave.), Klara Abcar House ( Jomhoori Ave.), ‘Serah-e-Amin Huzoor’ House (Qajar era), Alaodolleh House (Qajar reign) (Ferdowsi Ave.) , Nasrodolleh House (Qajar reign) in ( Sar Cheshmeh), Mostowfi-ol-Mamalek House (Qajar period) located in (Boozarjomehri Ave.)

Vosooqodoleh House, Tehran

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The construction of this building was completed in the year 1253 AH. (13th century) and comprises of several rooms and halls beautifully adorned with plaster-works.

Moshirodolleh House, Tehran

Saturday, 05 January 2008 05:50 administrator
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 This old structure is located between Manoochehri st. and Jomhoorieh Islami Ave., in Peer Nia Street (Lalehzar) and belonged to Hassan Peer Nia (Moshirodoleh) one of the prominent personalities during the Qajar era. The building is in three storeys with a simple facade.

Imam Jomeh House, Tehran

Saturday, 05 January 2008 05:49 administrator
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 Imam Jomeh house is one of the magnificent buildings of second half of 13th century AH. and was used to be the residence of ‘Imam Jomeh’ or the Friday Praying Leader, prior to Islamic Revolution. This building comprised of various halls and chambers adorned with beautiful plaster moldings.

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