Natural Attractions

Valleys and Summer Residing Regions, Yazd

Saturday, 05 January 2008 18:45 administrator
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The most interesting and natural centers of the province are the mountain skirts of Shir Kooh, Pish Kooh, Miyan Kooh and Posht Kooh. The beautiful and verdant valleys of Menshad, Banadak Sadat, Tarzjan, Deh Bala, Baqi Abad, Fakhr Abad, Sani Abad in Miyan Kooh, and the valleys of Sanich, Bardestan, Banadak Dizareh, Sokhvid, Shavaz, Bidakhid, Nasr Abad, Mazra'eh Akhund, Ali Abad, Shah Abad, Sharif Abad, Sadeq Abad in Poshtkuh, enjoy a very cool climate in hot summers, and it is the traditional summer resort of the local people and every year thousands of families from Yazd visit these regions.

Desert Attractions, Yazd Province

Saturday, 05 January 2008 18:44 administrator
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 Amongst the natural features pertaining to tourism in Iran, are desert characteristics. Taking a stroll is these vast spaces, watching the wonders of the moving sands, the burning and dry salt marshes, historical monuments, brick colored buildings of simple and harsh styles, shadows of scattered villages, as well as the old ancient inns and caravansaries are charming and worth visiting for every tourist.


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